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TeSys N Size 00-1 Reversing Starter, Front

TeSys N reversing starter, NEMA Size 1, no enclosure. Continuous current rating 27 amps. TeSys N Sizes 00-1 are dimensionally equivalent.


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Part Numbers T36AN23B7, T36AN23B7S, T36AN23BDS, T36AN23G7, T36AN23G7S, T36AN23LE7, T36AN23T7, T36AN23U7, T36BN23B7, T36BN23B7S, T36BN23BDS, T36BN23G7, T36BN23G7S, T36BN23LE7, T36BN23T7, T36BN23U7, T36CN230B7, T36CN230B7S, T36CN230BDS, T36CN230G7, T36CN230G7S, T36CN230LE7, T36CN230T7, T36CN230U7, T36CN238B7, T36CN238B7S, T36CN238BDS, T36CN238G7, T36CN238G7S, T36CN238LE7, T36CN238T7, T36CN238U7, T36CN239B7, T36CN239B7S, T36CN239BDS, T36CN239G7, T36CN239G7S, T36CN239LE7, T36CN239T7, T36CN239U7, T36CN23B7, T36CN23B7S, T36CN23BDS, T36CN23G7, T36CN23G7S, T36CN23LE7, T36CN23T7, T36CN23U7, T36BN23G7, T36BN23G7, T36BN23G7, T36BN23G7
Keywords Size 1, Motor Logic, TeSys N, T36, NEMA Rated, Starter, Reversing
Created 11-04-2013 10:11:00
Modified 11-06-2013 02:11:16

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