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TeSys N Size 3-7 Contactor, Left Side

TeSys N non-reversing contactor, NEMA Size 3, no enclosure. Continuous current rating 90 amps. TeSys N Sizes 3-7 are similar in appearance.


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Part Numbers T02FN13U6, T02EN13B6, T02EN13BD, T02EN13G6, T02EN13L6, T02EN13Q5, T02EN13U6, T02FN13B6, T02FN13BD, T02FN13G6, T02FN13L6, T02FN13Q5, T02GN13G7, T02GN13L7, T02GN13S7, T02GN13U7, T02HN13F7, T02HN13L7, T02HN13N7, T02HN13U7, T02JN13F7, T02JN13L7, T02JN13N7, T02JN13U7
Keywords Size 3, TeSys N, NEMA Rated, T02, Contactor
Created 10-21-2013 12:10:01
Modified 10-23-2013 10:10:31

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