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Industrial Control Transformer , 50VA, Primary: 240x480V or 230x460V or 220x440V, Secondary: 120V or 115V or 110V


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Category Product
Part Numbers 9070T50D1, 9070T50D10, 9070T50D106, 9070T50D111, 9070T50D119, 9070T50D12, 9070T50D126, 9070T50D13, 9070T50D14, 9070T50D15, 9070T50D16, 9070T50D17, 9070T50D18, 9070T50D19, 9070T50D2, 9070T50D20, 9070T50D21, 9070T50D22, 9070T50D23, 9070T50D24, 9070T50D25, 9070T50D26, 9070T50D3, 9070T50D31, 9070T50D32, 9070T50D33, 9070T50D35, 9070T50D36, 9070T50D37, 9070T50D38, 9070T50D4, 9070T50D40, 9070T50D41, 9070T50D48, 9070T50D49, 9070T50D5, 9070T50D50, 9070T50D51, 9070T50D52, 9070T50D54, 9070T50D55, 9070T50D57, 9070T50D58, 9070T50D59, 9070T50D6, 9070T50D60, 9070T50D62, 9070T50D64, 9070T50D65, 9070T50D67, 9070T50D68, 9070T50D69, 9070T50D7, 9070T50D70, 9070T50D71, 9070T50D72, 9070T50D73, 9070T50D74, 9070T50D77, 9070T50D78, 9070T50D8, 9070T50D83, 9070T50D86, 9070T50D89, 9070T50D9, 9070T50D90, 9070T50D92, 9070T50D95, 9070T50D97
Created 12-18-2009 01:12:59
Modified 09-18-2012 04:09:52

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