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2510KR2 Manual Switch

Manual Switch, Non-Reversing, 30A, 3-Phase, 3-Pole, Provides manual ON-OFF control of single or three phase AC motors where overload protection is not required or provided separately, Type: K, Operator Type: Toggle


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ID 090089268052d3b5
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Category Product
Part Numbers 2510KR1, 2510KR1H, 2510KR2, 2510KR2H
Keywords 30A, 3, Phase, Pole, Provides, manual, ON, OFF, control, single, or, three, phase, AC, motors, where, overload, protection, is, not, required, provided, separately, Type, K, Operator, Toggle, Switch, Non, Manual, Reversing
Created 06-22-2009 02:06:33
Modified 06-06-2012 10:06:44

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