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ReactiVar AT6000/AT7000 and Hybrid VAR Compensator (HVC)

The ReactiVar AT6000/AT7000 employ solid-state switching devices to provide transient free switching of capacitor steps. The AT6000/AT7000 Transient Free Reactive Compensation (TFRC) System is suited for electrical networks with a high concentration of sensitive electronic loads. The Hybrid VAR Compensator (HVC) System with its ultra- fast response times provides voltage support, flicker control, and energy savings to highly transient loads such as spot welders and large motor starting. The HVC System mixes fixed banks of standard, tuned or de-tuned capacitor banksand electronic kVAR control never before seen in a power factor correction product.


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Keywords power quality, capacitor banks, harmonic filtering, motor control center, harmonic control, VAR compensation, voltage regulator, voltage regulation, PQC, power quality correction, harmonic filter, active filter, AccuSine, Reactivar, power factor correction
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