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9007R Palm Operated Turret Head

9007R Palm Operated Turret Head, Mushroom Button for Palm Operated Turret Head Red 2358C6G2.


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Type Photo
ID 090089268017d686
Characteristics 0 x 0 @ 300dpi,
Hi-res File Size 47.6 KB
Category Product
Part Numbers 2358C6G2, 9007C52R, 9007C54R, 9007C54RY1905, 9007C62R, 9007C66R, 9007CR53R, 9007CR61R, 9007CR65R, 9007R
Keywords Limit Switch, Palm, Type C, Head, 9007
Created 09-24-2004 04:09:24
Modified 09-17-2010 10:09:36

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