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9007MS03S0300 Miniature Limit Switch

9007MS03S0300 Miniature Limit Switch, Actuation Type Cross Roller Plunger, Seal Boot No, Operating Force 55 Ounces, Differential Travel 0.004 Inch, Maximum Pre Travel 0.075 Inch, Length 2.63 Inches, Depth 0.56 Inch, Width 1.56 Inches, 9 Feet Cord


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Part Numbers 9007ML03S0100, 9007ML03S0300, 9007MS03G0054, 9007MS03G0200, 9007MS03S0054, 9007MS03S0100, 9007MS03S0106, 9007MS03S0110, 9007MS03S0130, 9007MS03S0200, 9007MS03S0206, 9007MS03S0300, 9007MS03S0330, 9007MS03S0400, 9007MS03S0410, 9007MS03S0510
Keywords Limit Switch, Miniature, MS, 9007
Created 04-14-2004 02:04:25
Modified 09-17-2010 10:09:55

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