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9007C52A2 Limit Switch

9007C52A2 Limit Switch, Compact Box Plug-in, Low Differential Spring Return


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Type Photo
ID 0900892680151d1c
Characteristics 0 x 0 @ 300dpi,
Hi-res File Size 601 KB
Category Product
Part Numbers 9007C52A, 9007C52A1, 9007C52A1P6, 9007C52A1S9, 9007C52A2, 9007C52A2M11, 9007C52A2P5, 9007C52A2P7, 9007C52A2Y140, 9007C52A2Y1841, 9007C52A2Y1851, 9007C52A2Y1901, 9007C52N, 9007C52N1, 9007C52N2, 9007C52N2M11, 9007C52NP6
Keywords Type C, lever arm, limit switch
Created 02-12-2004 01:02:31
Modified 09-17-2012 05:09:58

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