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8502SGO2 Full Voltage Contactor NEMA Rated

8502 SGO2 Full Voltage Contactor NEMA Rated, Max 200 HP / 460 Vac, Continuous Current 270 Amps, Type S magnetic contactors are used to switch heating loads, capacitors, transformers, and electric motors where overload protection is provided separately.


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Part Numbers 8502SGO1S1V06, 8502SGO1V02, 8502SGO1V02S, 8502SGO1V03, 8502SGO1V06, 8502SGO1V07, 8502SGO1V08, 8502SGO1V26, 8502SGO2S1V02, 8502SGO2S1V06, 8502SGO2S1V07, 8502SGO2S2V02, 8502SGO2S2V05, 8502SGO2S2V06, 8502SGO2V02S, 8502SGO2V03, 8502SGO2V03S, 8502SGO2V04, 8502SGO2V05, 8502SGO2V06, 8502SGO2V07, 8502SGO2V08, 8502SGO2V26
Keywords 8502, NEMA, Type S, Contactor
Created 01-15-2004 02:01:15
Modified 04-26-2012 06:04:33

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