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8502SHO2 Full Voltage Contactor NEMA Rated

8502 SHO2 Full Voltage Contactor NEMA Rated, Max 400 HP / 460 Vac, Continuous Current 540 Amps, Type S magnetic contactors are used to switch heating loads, capacitors, transformers, and electric motors where overload protection is provided separately.


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Part Numbers 8502SHO1V03, 8502SHO2S2V06, 8502SHO2S3V06, 8502SHO2V02S, 8502SHO2V03, 8502SHO2V05, 8502SHO2V05S, 8502SHO2V06, 8502SHO2V07, 8502SHO2V08
Keywords 8502, NEMA, Contactor, Type S
Created 01-15-2004 02:01:10
Modified 04-26-2012 06:04:32

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