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8903 Multipole Lighting Contactors, Type L and LX

8903 LXO1200, LO1200, LO80, LO60 Multipole Lighting Contactors, Electrically and Mechanically Held, 30 A fluorescent lighting rating, 20 A tungsten lighting rating, 2 through 12-pole versions, Field-convertible contacts with N.O. and N.C. indicators, Silver-Cadmium-Oxide double break contacts.


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Part Numbers 8903LO0010V02, 8903LO0012V02, 8903LO02V02, 8903LO03V02, 8903LO04V02, 8903LO06V02, 8903LO08V02, 8903LO1200, 8903LO20V01, 8903LO20V02, 8903LO20V03, 8903LO20V04, 8903LO20V06, 8903LO20V08, 8903LO20V11, 8903LO20V42, 8903LO20V53Y48, 8903LO20V62Y48, 8903LO20V66Y48, 8903LO20V83FF4T, 8903LO30V01, 8903LO30V02, 8903LO30V03, 8903LO30V04, 8903LO30V06, 8903LO30V08, 8903LO30V42, 8903LO30V53Y48, 8903LO30V54Y48, 8903LO30V66Y48, 8903LO30V83FF4T, 8903LO40V01, 8903LO40V02, 8903LO40V03, 8903LO40V04, 8903LO40V06, 8903LO40V07, 8903LO40V08, 8903LO40V42, 8903LO40V53Y48, 8903LO40V66Y48, 8903LO60, 8903LO80V02, 8903LXO1200V02
Keywords Lighting Contactor, Type LX, Type L, 8903
Created 01-15-2004 09:01:09
Modified 09-17-2012 04:09:37

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